Member Activities

More than just sailing and paddling, the Pultneyville Mariners Club is about family, friends and fun. Members spend the days enjoying the beach, drifting on Lake Ontario on a paddle board on days it’s calm and riding the waves on days it’s wild. With full kitchen and bath facilities, many people spend the day at the Club or show up after work to grill and chill a while.

Guests are welcome to accompany members at any time (just $2 per guest after 6 people), so the Club is a great place to hold your special event.

There are also many club/member organized social events held throughout the year. A list of recurring socials follows; specific dates and details are on the Facebook page.
Annual Pultneyville Mariners events:

  • Friday Night Happy Hour (every Friday)
  • Spaghetti Launch
  • Gourmet Burgers and Dogs
  • Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast
  • Independence Day Pot Luck
  • Pultneyville Homecoming/PMI Open House: “Tri-funathon” race, sandcastle competition, bocce, ice cream social and “Movie on the Beach,” projected on a large sail.
  • Steak & Corn Roast
  • Lobsta’ Bash
  • Fall Banquet

Additionally, members take part in spring and fall clean-up days at the club that mix food and socialization with a little bit of elbow grease.


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